Port Washington Police Department Bicycle Patrol - Officer Craig Czarnecki

Officers Jason Bergin, Tom Schleg, Kurt Knowski and Jerry Nye

Bicycle Patrol

The Port Washington Police Department Bike Patrol Unit is an all volunteer unit comprised of: Officer Kirstin Larson (pwpd@pwpd.org), Officer Jason Bergin (pwpd@pwpd.org), Officer Jerry Nye (pwpd@pwpd.org) and Officer James Russell (pwpd@pwpd.org).

The Bike Patrol currently uses two bicycles: a Mongoose brand hybrid-type mountain bike designed for off-road and rough terrain riding, and a Smith & Wesson mountain bike built more for street riding and city use. The Smith & Wesson bike is also equipped with an electric assist "ZAP" motor which can be used if the officer wants assistance going up hills or for extra speed. Both bicycles are special Police models and are outfitted with emergency equipment, including flashing warning lights and headlights.

The Bike Patrol operates seasonally and primarily patrols the downtown, parks and bike paths - however can easily range anywhere in the city. Members of the unit also speak and appear at various programs such as Safety Town, the Bike Rodeo and other safety programs.

Bike officers act as part of the patrol division and enforce city ordinances, state laws and traffic violations as well as respond to calls for service. Bike officers can frequently be seen at city events such as Fish Day, Farmers Market, parades and other festivals. They are particularly effective in these types of assignments due to their mobility in crowds and because the officers are easily accessible by citizens for non-enforcement type contacts.