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Where Citizens Are First

Our Mission

The mission of the Port Washington Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our city by working in partnership with the community, to protect and serve our citizensí quest for a peaceful and safe existence, with democratic values applied equally to all.

We Commit To These Values

  • Public trust
  • Human life above anything else
  • Community opinion and response
  • Courtesy, compassion and respect
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity

The Port Washington Police Department proudly serves an estimated population of 11,439. In addition, the city experiences a significant seasonal increase in population due to a growing number of tourists visiting the area each year. As of early 2005, the department regularly patrols nearly 50 total road miles within the city.

The Port Washington Police Department provides a multitude of services to the community in a number of areas including traffic safety; adult, juvenile, and youth programs; investigative, crime prevention and general administration.

The current staffing level is twenty sworn police officers. When operating at authorized staffing level, our ratio of officers per 1,000 of established population is 1.6.

Sworn personnel consist of the Chief of Police and the Captain of Administration, representing the Administrative Division. The Patrol and Investigative Division is staffed by the Captain of Operations and three Lieutenants, supervising thirteen patrol officers.

Civilian support personnel include three full-time records management employees, one municipal court clerk who is also the Records Manager, one administrative assistant, one parking enforcement officer and one custodian shared with City Hall.

If you have concerns regarding this web site, please e-mail Chief Kevin Hingiss.